Preparation – Ride Fit

When I talk to riders about a big ride I often get very different responses.  For some a big ride is 300kms and others that’s just what you do before breakfast.  So how do you prepare yourself for bigger days on the bike or a big multi-day tour?


Getting back to the bush

With Deb away for a Stampin’ Up conference in Melbourne I was at a loose end.  So on Saturday after a quick run around the house getting all (most) of those weekend jobs done (mostly), I threw my camping gear and some basic supplies on the bike for an overnight camping trip … somewhere.

There is a Plan.

While in Coober Pedy we sat and discussed many options of where we could go but nothing really grabbed us.  The coming weekend is our annual memorial run to remember long distance riders who have died. So as part of the weekend we like to do a minimum 1600km ride (in the day). Therefore we…

In Lieu of a Plan

So far we only have a rough plan for today as we haven’t figured out the larger plan of where and what we are going to do next. But today we are heading 300km further north to Coober Pedy to have a look around this opal mining town.

A ride to clear the head

Work’s been fairly relentless; the new bike hasn’t yet experiencing an IBA ride distance; and the girls are out of town – it sounded like a perfect opportunity to just get out of town and go for a ride. The plan consisted of three corners, (Dubbo, Cobar, and Hay) a meeting location and a time.  That’s it.…

Enjoying the Mountains

Sitting alone at the service station at 6:15am made me wonder whether I had misunderstood our plan.  Apparently we had agreed to meet at 7. Opps. So I  gave the bike a quick once over and noticed that the rear tyre was down on pressure.  Not 1 or 2psi but 10. That’s strange as I…